Egg In The Nest

An egg in the nest is a simple breakfast dish consisting of a piece of bread with an egg cooked in the middle. My son loves this dish and it is second only to scrambled eggs in terms of ranking how he likes his eggs cooked.

When cooking an egg in the nest, medium heat should suffice. If you crank the heat up too high, don’t forget about the egg in the nest because it’s easy to burn the bread that way.

Begin by melting some butter in a frying pan. Next, take a round cookie cutter or the rim of a glass and press it into the middle of a piece of bread, (use whatever bread you like best) and rip the middle out. This can be toasted alongside the egg in the nest if you don’t want to waste any bread. It tastes great anyway, so why not.

Set the now centerless piece of bread in the frying pan along with the middle piece which was removed. Make sure and swirl the pieces of bread around in the pan so they can soak up all that deliciously unhealthy butter.

Now, crack an egg and drop it in the center of the piece of bread. I usually pop the yolk when cooking egg in the nests for daycare children, simply to avoid messes. But they’re so much better if you leave the yolk intact. After a minute or so, gently flip the pieces of bread and egg over, trying not to pop the yolk. Cook until it turns a nice golden brown and then remove from heat and serve. Don’t burn the bread, it’s not good that way.