Jack Link’s

Jack Link’s is a well known company, specializing in the production, marketing, and distribution of beef jerky and other meat stick products; or as the company calls them ‘protein snacks’. The company was founded by John ‘Jack’ Link in 1986. The idea of making beef jerky popped into his head one day while he was out hunting with his family. I’m not entirely sure that’s exactly how it went down, but whatever.

I’ve thought about making beef jerky and selling it as well. However, I might be at a disadvantage because I don’t know how to make beef jerky. I think it involves seasonings though. Perhaps some spices.

Jack Link’s is best known for their ads, which feature random people ‘messin’ with Sasquatch. I’ve seen quite a lot of these ads and can attest to the fact that most of them are quite funny and shortly thereafter the cravings for beef jerky begin to kick in.

Many of these commercials consist of someone doing some form of outdoor activity who then accidentally stumbles upon a completely oblivious Sasquatch engaged in some innocuous activity such as chasing butterflies around while grinning in childish delight.

The person then proceeds to ‘mess’ with Sasquatch by doing something to trick the Sasquatch, thereby making it look foolish. Often times the human succeeds and the Sasquatch ends up doing something that makes it look completely ridiculous. This enrages the Sasquatch who then retaliates most often by picking up something heavy and throwing it at the person who made him look stupid.

Sasquatch is an adept guitar player as well. It appears he is especially proficient at the Flamenco style of guitar. As you can see below, he is demonstrating his extensive knowledge of music theory, while also displaying exceptional finger dexterity. However, it should be noted that he oftentimes struggles with some minor anger issues.

Well before ‘Jack’ created what we now know as Jack Link’s, one must travel back in time three generations to find out where it really all began. In the 1880s Jack’s great grandfather Chris Link came to America where he settled in the wilds of northern Wisconsin.

He brought very little with him, but he did bring his family’s sausage recipes. It didn’t take long before his smoked meats and sausages became quite popular among other pioneer families of the area. And the legacy was born as each successive generation continued the family tradition.

Present day facilities of the Jack Link’s company are located primarily throughout the Midwest area of the United States.