The act of heating said food in the microwave. Purposes could range from reheating last nights leftover chicken nuggets, to cooking a whole thanksgiving dinner. Technically, a microwave heats food, but it also does something else magical to the food once it cools down – and not in a good way.

Food that has been nuked in the microwave tends to lose much if its firmness and become rather chewy in the case of pizza crust.

Microwaves excel at tasks such as reheating cold coffee, heating up a glass of water, warming tea and various other liquids, and turning the inside of a Hot Pocket into blistering lava in a very short period of time.

Heating processed, frozen food in a traditional oven simply takes much longer. We’re 96% sure the convenience factor alone is the driving force behind the buying, selling and trading that goes on in the microwave industry.

And although I’m quite familiar with the concept of “nuking” something, we don’t personally use or even own a microwave. I have however come up with a good alternative to using the microwave by means of steaming, but I will get to that a different time.