By definition the word relish first means ‘to enjoy,’ but this works along quite nicely with the secondary culinary definition as ‘a condiment eaten with plain food to add flavor.’ This would be something you enjoy eating, topping something otherwise uninteresting.

Relishes come in all shapes and sizes, varying from smooth, to chunky, to rather large bits. The general idea is that a relish is made from some sort of fruit or vegetable that is typically pickled or heavily tangy with vinegar and salt. There are however some that are rather sweet.

In the US the simple word relish pretty much always refers to a pickle relish, either dill, sweet, or other form made with pickled cucumbers. For the rest of the world however the ingredient list is as long the equator itself.

Below I have copied the list of relishes as shared in Wikipedia. Any that we have made for this site will have an additional link. You should otherwise google each for your own personal inspiration. You can also check out the variety of relish related recipes we have posted.