Grilled Salsa Two Ways
Grilled Salsa Two Ways

Grilled Salsa Two Ways: Blended and Chopped, with Restaurant Style Salsa in between.

“Grilled Salsa!?” you say ask. INDEED!

I’d been playing around with all those wonderful chilies making Pozole Verde when I realized that grilling season was fast approaching. “I bet these would be really good paired with the smokiness of charcoal!” Oh was I ever right!

I picked out the firmest tomatillos, and the brightest pablano, anaheim, and yellow chilies, got the grill nice and hot roasted away!

Making sure not to roast so long as to turn them to mush, they cooked until just slightly softened, with regular rotation for a well rounded, all over doneness.

Grilled Chilies and Tomatillos

Grilled Chilies and Tomatillos. Be sure not to roast them to a state of mushiness.

As for use? You can dice them with onions for  a chunky salsa or puree them for a thick sauce. The options are endless:

Grilled Salsa Verde Chopped with White Onions

Grilled Salsa Verde Chopped with White Onions

Served with Meat

  • on nachos or taco salad
  • in tacos or burritos
  • salsa for taquitos
  • in an omelet
  • with scrambled eggs
  • in place of relish over a hotdog <— this is really good!
  • a sauce over chicken or pork chops and rice
  • paired with pulled chicken for street tacos
  • whipped with mayo for a smokey spread
  • in or atop chili
  • as a replacement for salsa in your favorite casserole
  • over white fish
  • over a bed of spinach with an egg over easy <— great healthy breakfast
  • in your meatloaf
  • in meatballs
  • in chicken tortilla soup
  • smokey shepherd’s pie
  • in grilled cheese sandwiches
  • in tuna salad
  • in smoked salmon dip
Grilled Salsa Verde Blended

Grilled Salsa Verde Blended


  • salsa baked tofu
  • in tortilla soup with beans
  • in mushroom ‘meatballs’
  • with chili beans
  • whipped with vegenaise for a smokey spread
  • a dip for chips or vegetables
  • mixed into hummus
  • served with lentils and saffron rice
  • mixed into spanish rice or pilaf
  • as a chutney

You can even leave the grilled chilies whole for use on a burger or sandwich.Chopped Ingredients for Grilled Salsa


Grilled Salsa Verde

By: semiserious chefs
Makes: 2+ cups


  • 1 pablano chili
  • 1 anaheim chili
  • 3-4 medium tomatillos
  • 3 yellow chili peppers
  • 1/2 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1 T white vinegar
  • 1/4 t salt
  • 1/2 T lime juice (juice of one key lime)
  • 1/3 of a large white onion, diced – only for the chopped pico de gallo style


  1. Get the grill going. (I prefer charcoal for a good smokey flavor without the undertone of propane.) Medium heat is fine, but every grill and grill-master is different, so you’ll need to babysit your peppers accordingly.
  2. Rotate the peppers and tomatillos around, turning as needed, to get even heat coverage. You want your peppers to get just to a pliable state. Don’t over grill them or they will turn to mush. This may be okay if you intend to make the blended version, but if you are wanting to make the chopped salsa/pico de gallo style you really are not going to want mushy peppers.
  3. Remove from grill when sufficiently ‘roasted,’ and let cool to the touch. Split and remove the seeds, (unless you want the extra spice.)
    1. For a blended sauce: rough chop the peppers and tomatillos, and add them to a blender of food processor with the cilantro, vinegar, salt, and lime. Blend until it becomes a smooth liquid consistency.
    2. For a chopped salsa: dice the tomatillos and strain lightly in a sieve. Dice each of the peppers, the onion, and the cilantro. Toss all of these in a large bowl with the vinegar, salt, and lime juice.

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