Monsieur Crab
Monsieur Crab

This is Monsieur Crab being crabby… that is all.

So I think the name of this post is silly, because I feel that adventure is too strong of a word to use when dealing with cooking something in the kitchen. Oh and be prepared for some rambling on my part if you intend to read this post all the way through. It could maybe be an adventure if you were in a cook-off, battling head to head against fifty other worthy opponents for the title of – Supreme Overlord of the Chili, but to me an adventure would be something like backpacking across Europe or hiking up some super steep mountain before jumping off wearing one of those crazy squirrel wing suits. Note that I don’t actually do these things, because let’s face it, that takes a lot of work. I only ponder the idea in my off time.

To me, the word adventure is simply in a whole different ball park. I think the word “enjoy” might work better in this situation. As in “I enjoy cooking” or “I rather enjoy watching the chemical reaction that takes place each and every time I caramelize those sweet onions!”

In other words, just putting the words food and adventure together seems overly dramatic and I don’t get it. It’s kind of like the term dramatic play. I really don’t enjoy that phrase. I help run a daycare from our home, and believe me, they play but it isn’t dramatic. It should just be called what it really is: Make a mess out of the dress up clothes before finding something else to make a mess out of.”

Okay, you’re probably asking yourself what this has to do with anything. Surprisingly there is a point to all of this. I know, I had to reread that last sentence myself.

The whole process of building this website is going to be an adventure. A different adventure for sure, but one that happens to involve food.  So technically, I guess it will be a food adventure for our whole family…

And there you have it. That is how this whole thing relates to my dislike for talking about having a food adventure. I’ve ended up being in one.

I’ve also never considered myself to be the blogging type, but just look, I’ve managed to write three hundred and fifty words so far about nothing in particular because I am now a blogger and I think everyone cares about bloggers and my little blogging world. Plus, I’ve managed to waste two minutes of your no doubt limited time! Woohoo, I feel like a blogger already.

Stay with me here, because I am going to wrap this thing up and bring it to a close. In all seriousness though, like I have said in the About Us page, we have a goal and we want to see that goal come to fruition. It just so happens that we aren’t very good at anything else, and we are borderline good at this. I said that as a joke, but it is partially true. We don’t want to take ourselves seriously, and we want that to show.

We do however, want you to enjoy the recipes posted here. And I guess if you want to have yourself your own little food adventure, well then I hope we have helped. I’m actually really excited about any feedback everyone might have about anything on this site, especially sharing anything you have personally created. That would be awesome.

The hardest part is trying to figure out what recipe I want to post next. Perhaps Beef Burgundy? How about chili rellenos? Maybe a sandwich loaf? Wait… what? Yeah, I think anyone from the Midwest will know what that is.

Speaking of beef, homemade barbecue sauce is sounding pretty good right now. But then that brings up the question of what kind am I going to post? There are mustardy varieties, and some that are thinner and more vinegary than others, but also many that are more like what you would expect to find at your local grocery store which are thicker and sweeter than others. And all of these are based on different regions throughout the United States. I sound like I know what I’m talking about right?

Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Well, there you have it though. I have shared my thoughts on having adventures with food, what I want from this website, and the general thought process that goes on in my head when I am not playing that mad chicken game or what ever it’s called on the smartphone.

Spicy peppers


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