The Ingredients

Feta Cheese
Corn Flakes
Lavender Soda


Moose Close UpI like old brown Ford trucks so this should be a piece of cake. Let me just go consult with this moose over here and see if he has any words of wisdom from the spruce trees.


This should be interesting. I think I’ll grab a guitar and sing the song of my people – the Cave Dwelling Trolls that is. It should give me some insight about what to do.

The Recipe


So I made a nice pork chop reduction that should blend exquisitely with some of the crushed corn flakes. After I drink this lavender soda I’m gonna toss the apricots in the garbage and sprinkle some feta cheese on my head. That should wow the judges.

Wrangell MountainsI call this dish the Glennallen Garbage Gastrointestinal Distress Bringer. I hope you like it.


Looking at Vanessa’s dish, I’m getting really nervous because I was thinking about doing a pork chop reduction as well. Time to rethink my strategy. I look at the clock and realize I only have 12 hours left to get my dish done and plated. Then it hits me…

No seriously, Nathan just threw a wooden spoon at me and it really hurt. Why would he do that? Who throws a wooden spoon at someone.

I can’t do this, there’s just too much pressure.

Final Thoughts


I think I have this thing in the bag. Andrew’s dish isn’t even plated, he’s just laying in the corner in the fetal position and I think he’s crying.



I want my mommy…

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