Gomashio Recipe

Gomashio Recipe

Nori Gomashio Recipe

Not only can the salt contents of Gomashio be adjusted to taste, but adding some seaweed bits creates new depth of flavor; making it Nori Gomashio.

This is the most basic of Furikakes. Simply unhulled sesame seeds and salt. It has been used in Japan for thousands of years over rice, fish, and a multitude of other dishes, but has gained some more recent fame as a lower sodium substitute to straight salt.

Using a ratio anywhere from 15:1 to 5:1 sesame to salt, it is easy to make the mix according to your own personal taste. Either white or black sesame is acceptable, but the secret is in toasting them. This gentle heating process really brings out the nuttiness of the seeds. It is said that black sesame seeds are a little more nutty, bitter, and perhaps chocolatey. I’m inclined to agree, though the difference is very subtle. I suggest choosing what might look best with your dish, but it may come down to availability. I was finally able to find affordable black sesame seeds in a tiny Korean market. Everyone else either wanted way too much for a small portion or had cheap bags the size of China.

Another great option is to add some seaweed, perhaps chopped seaweed crisps, to have Nori Gomashio on hand. Some commercial brands even add sugar, so the options for personalizing even this most basic condiment are quite limitless.

Gomashio and Nori Gomashio

By: VDuley
Makes: ~3 Tablespoons


  • 3 T unhulled sesame seeds (black or white)
  • 1/2 t sea salt*
  • For Nori Gomashio: 1 seaweed snack sheet chopped

*This recipe has a relatively low salt percentage. Feel free to add more to taste; easily as much as 1 1/2 teaspoons total.


  1. In a small dry sauce pan toast the sesame seeds for just a few minutes over medium-low heat, shuffling regularly to keep from burning.
  2. Add the seeds, salt, and seaweed if using, to a small dish.
  3. Serve over steamed rice, onigiri, sushi, sashimi, or other fish dishes. It is also great on noodles.

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