I like building towers

*Edit: The following is completely Nathan’s narrative. He said he wanted to tell everyone what he really likes doing in Minecraft. I simply typed what he said. It’s kind of all over the place…

I like building towers

Make a pillow. And I want to put a block on top of the pillow. And the pillow’s going to explode and turn into lava, and I’m going to put lava off the tower. Like dump it off the top, and I’m going to burn myself.

It’s gonna burn my own house. And burn my house on fire too!

And it’s going to make my fan burn up and turn into a bunch of air and just go forever in space and the middle of the fan is going to crash into the ground.

And then the pillow comes shooting out and it hits the fan and it breaks. And the keyboard went up and smashed the fan piece that went up, yeah and the keyboard went up and shot his head up.

And that’s the end of the video. No more.

Lava tower

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