*These are all Nathan’s words. He speaks, I type.

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After looking at this picture, it kind of looks like maybe one of those vehicles from the original Star Wars movie. You know, the ones that float in the desert?

I like drawing pictures. In real life I like drawing pictures on pieces of paper. I like drawing pictures in Gimp because I don’t really like drawing on paper very much. But I have to if I have nothing to do.

Was that a funny post?

I was using seeds and I was using stars and a sun. I used opacity and I used paint. I used the size, and I was using like, I was using just seeing what things were on paper.

I don’t know anything to say. It’s a picture of trees. Sideways, up and down, up and down. Diagonal. I’m done kay?


I believe Nathan called this a ‘tree’, but I’m not sure. Wait I’ve just been told there are 4 trees. And the leaves are black because of oil.

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