Nathan cooks eggs
Nathan cooks eggs

Nathan’s first attempt of the day at cracking an egg…
Believe it or not, he missed the cup and dropped the next egg on the other side of the cup just moments later! I wish I would have got a good video of that, it was hilarious!

If there’s one thing I haven’t learned over the years it’s that I need to save my draft often. See, as I was sitting here typing away on the computer, the trees were going crazy from all the wind blowing around. And when it’s windy, guess what goes out sometimes?

That’s right, as I was smack in the middle of writing this post, the computer promptly shut down and you know what? I hadn’t clicked the save draft button yet. This appears to be a problem for me, and one that I seem to pretend doesn’t exist.

But back to Nathan. We were all watching a video on YouTube about some cool things you can do with eggs, and we thought it would be a great idea for him to do some of things he saw on the video. He apparently liked the idea as well, because we asked him if he would rather have something else for dinner but he stood firm and said he wanted to cook some eggs like he saw on the television.

He’s going to be separating some egg yolks from the whites and scrambling them with shredded cheese and mushrooms, or whatever else he wants. I know he’s seen us doing this before but I don’t think it’s something he’s done for himself yet. So this will be a great learning experience for him if he decides he would like follow in our path and learn how to cook.

Nathan cooks eggs

He will be cooking the egg whites and egg yolks however he chooses. He might choose to fry them or bake them or poach them, it’s really up to him. In addition, he’ll be pan frying some bacon to experiment with. This really will be the first time he’s going to do some actual cooking. Up to this point, he’s only cooked hotdogs over a campfire or helped us measure and mix ingredients for pancakes or doughs, but never has he done any real cooking that I’m aware of.

It’s really great too, because he’s not a breakfast person. The only time he seems to like to eat breakfast food is when we go to McDonald’s and he gets to order a big breakfast with hotcakes and folded eggs (we always end up going there after breakfast hours), chocolate milk, two syrups and a side order of Mom and Dad’s fries.

Now, I’m a huge fan of breakfast food (I actually very rarely eat breakfast though) and especially brunches. Vanessa on the other hand (and I guess Anthony Bourdain as well) really does not enjoy brunch food. I say nuts to her.

I think one of the things he’s going to try is wrapping bacon in one of the forms of a muffin tin and then cracking and egg in it and baking it to see how it turns out.

His breakfast dinner of experimental egg cookery will be complimented by hash browns (I’ll be doing the deep frying) and a store bought Belgian waffle. I know, I know, we should have cooked the Belgian waffle ourselves, but hey I think it’s okay to cheat a little every once in awhile. After all, this is meant to be a cool learning experience for Nathan and I really think he’s going to enjoy it.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to finish this post the next day.

Nathan cooks eggs

*The next day…

It’s been a rain day today and I haven’t been able to jump on the computer until early evening time.

The cooking went well, however there was a bit of a hiccup yesterday evening when it came time to cook his food. He lost track of what he was going to do when 3 of the neighborhood kids showed up to play with Nathan. I mistakenly let them have the controllers and they ended up playing Killer Instinct.

But hey, he graciously obliged us and made himself a couple food items. And you know what? I think he really enjoyed himself.

Note to self though: If you ever want to teach your child something, don’t let them play video games with their neighborhood friends. I forget sometimes how young they are and that they can’t stay focused as well as I think they can.

Nathan cooks eggs

His bacon wrapped egg turned out really good. Yes, I ate part of it and yes it was delicious. I shall make this again.

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