Bold and Spicy Herb Blend

Bold and Spicy Herb Blend Bold and Spicy Herb Blend Swirl It’s the rosemary that really makes this blend stand out, but don’t go thinking it will make everything taste like stuffing! Using Hungarian paprika, a mild and sweeter paprika, combined with hot cayenne, the blend of rosemary and oregano round everything out with a perfect harmony between green and red.

As for the garlic, I use granules so that each bite comes with bits of each flavor. No homogenizing here! Along with this, you will need to break down the twiggy rosemary first, so that every ingredient joins the mix as roughly the same size.

Although perfectly suited for steak or pork chops, and even blacking as such, this blend really shines on roasted turkey; be it a whole bird or just a breast. Feel free to adjust the spice to your own liking. As-is, it’s pretty hot.

Bold and Spicy Herb Blend

By: Semiserious Chefs
Makes: 3+ Tablespoons of Seasoning


  • 2 t rosemary; lightly ground
  • 2 t Hungarian paprika
  • 2 t oregano
  • 2 t coarse ground black pepper
  • 1/2 t garlic granules
  • 1/2 t ground cayenne pepper (more or less to taste)
  • 1 t sea salt (or more, to taste)


  1. Gently grind the rosemary with a mortar and pestle to break it down into smaller pieces. You could also probably do this with a knife.
  2. Mix together the remaining ingredients, in a small dish.

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