Kenilworth Ceylon Brewed

Kenilworth Ceylon Loose LeafIt’s a pretty well known fact that my go-to tea of choice is often a gentle but vibrant cup of Assam. This week I thought I would try another tea from ‘India,’ and picked out a single estate ceylon. Yes. Well I am an uninformed idiot who didn’t realize that the name Ceylon is an old British title for what was once part of India but is now the independent nation island of Sri Lanka. So much for picking out something Indian. I guess it is all a moot point though, as my attempt was to find a single estate tea from a different region, and in doing that, I have succeeded. It is, however, nowhere near to the Assam region of India so there is very little point to comparing these two in particular. Oh well.

I have learned that Kenilworth estate is part of the Watawala Plantation in Central Sri Lanka, which known as one of the largest in the nation, and is perfectly located as a stopping point on a road trip from the capital city of Colombo to Kandy. Much of Watawala’s exports are blended for the particular tastes of Hong Kong, and it has been true at times for the Kenilworth Estate’s tea in particular to fetch the highest market price.

So is this tea any good? YES! It is very gentle, brewing into a classic cup of black tea. I would suggest it for any tea ‘beginner,’ and is perfect as an afternoon tea.

Kenilworth Ceylon Brewed


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