Warming Crimson Berry Tea
Warming Crimson Berry Tea

You can see the light dusting of Cayenne on each piece.

Organic Warming Crimson Berry Herbal (Frontier Co-op)

Perhaps is due to this seemingly unusually cool June, (it’s barely reaching the 60’s here in Anchorage and it’s almost July!), when I went looking for new teas to try recently I came back with the raspberry green tea of last week, and this unintentionally herbal berry tea. They just smelled so amazing! I say ‘unintentionally’ because I hadn’t planned to get an herbal tisane. But I have not been disappointed.

Loaded with hibiscus flowers, you definitely get the zing you’d expect, (sorry Celestial Seasonings, to steal your descriptor,) and the tangy cranberry plays along quite nicely with it. The kicker to this tea is the addition of chilies and cayenne pepper.

I know, that makes it sound more ‘hot’ than the ‘warming’ they label it with, but the amount of chili in the mix is really quite minimal. It is hard to pick out in the brew, reaching the back of your throat and just settling gently on your tongue as an afterthought. (Of-c0urse I also consume a rather unusual amount of gochujang in my diet.) If you nibble on the dry ingredients, however, that pepperiness can more easily be found, and I think their proportions are a good mix. As much as I may be inclined to suggest more heat it really is the perfect combination, not unlike the common inclusion of cayenne in chocolates and other confections. Not enough that you can taste it, just enough to bring depth to the sweetness.

If you are looking for a “warm yourself by the fire in the evening with a good book” kind of tea this is a perfect choice.

Its tart and tangy also creates the perfect iced tea; almost like drinking a cold glass of juice.

Warming Crimson Berry Tea Brewed

This tea brews to a nice deep pink that is hard to reflect in a photograph




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